HIGH-TECC 2008 Reflections

A week and a few days after HIGH-TECC 2008 I have checked out a number of the technologies discussed and presented.  Adopted some, tried some and decided they didn’t fit my needs but they have been added to my resources as my client’s might need them, and been led down different paths in other research.  I have ordered a Flip Mino, however, it has not arrived yet.  That is so frustrating to want to try something out and it not arrive as soon as you had hoped.  So there will be more on this item in later posts.

I have checked out EVERNOTE.com.  I really do like this site and it can be a very useful tool.  However, I have decided not to adopt as I have Western Digital My Book® World Edition II.  This drive is available to me via the internet.  I use SnagIt to capture internet information and organize along with other documents on the My Book.  This meets my needs in a similar fashion to the EVERNOTE.  As I tell my clients, it is great to check out new technology, however, if you have tools in place that addresses the same functionalities as the new technology, there is probably not a reason to change.  As a confirmed software junkie I can assure you I have a number of programs which I have purchased, used some and abandon to go back to a software I already had.

We discussed the potential of using Second Life as a tool for teaching roll playing to millennials.  I have visited Second Life and I have an account.  I have also sought out other avatar and cartoon softwares that might be used in lieu of or in addition to Second Life.  I’ll be back to you on this in future posts as I move forward with my research.

As usual when I leave HIGH-TECC, there is much to digest, research and try.  I am almost through my initial list.  However, as you can see sometimes and idea discussed at this event may lead to searching out other ideas and solutions.  But, I really did enjoy this year’s meetings.  I brought back the most ideas ever and I believe that this may have been the best HIGH-TECC I have attended.  Hope to see everyone back next year and meet some new friends as well.