The Lost Kindle

The life of a road warrior gives you many opportunities to lose your stuff.  Over the years I have been extremely fortunate.  The lost sweater at the hotel in San Antonio was recovered same day it was left in the room.  As far as I can remember that is the only thing of value that has been lost or almost lost over the years.  I mis-place things all the time.  I don’t always carry the same equipment on each trip or always use the same brief case, therefore, I sometimes forget what is where, but the stuff always turns up.  I occasionally have this problem with clothing and accessories too. I am now traveling with one of the “real” books that I had before the Kindle so that I have reading material. But what am I going to do about China?  Adding heavy books to my luggage will be taking up part of the precious limited weight limit for my clothing. Reading material is mandatory for such a lengthy trip. What a dilemma.  Another event in my life of travel that I call The Glamour of the Road.

I recently received an gift certificate for my birthday.  I have been wanting a sturdier cover for my Kindle.  So just before I left for Fargo I ordered the cover of my dreams and decided to also add a gel to further protect the devise from abuse.    When I was packing for my trip to Albuquerque last Sunday I discovered the Kindle was not in the bag I had carried to Fargo.  I checked by the bed to be sure I hadn’t taken it out when I got home and just forgotten.  No such luck.  I knew contacting the airline was in vain, but I had to give it a shot.  After going through the process, the Kindle has not appeared.  Now I have accessories for the Kindle but it seems the Kindle is gone and I am having Kindle withdrawal.  So you ask, “Why don’t you just order a new one?”

Many blogs say Amazon will be releasing Kindle 2.0 in October 2008, however, Amazon is saying no.  Of course they are saying no.  They still have inventory of the current version to sell.  What is a girl to do?  If a newer, better model is just a few weeks away, why buy the old model?  If the new verions doesn’t come out until sometime next year, can I really wait that long for my reading companion?  I have come to depend on my Kindle for travel, doctor’s office visits and bedtime reading at home.