Gadgitgirl’s Need for Paper

I consider myself a leading edge techie and sometimes bleeding edge thus I use the screen name of Gadgitgirl in numerous places.  I spend my life teaching others how to let go of paper and accept technology.  So why am I always intrigued by tools for writing?  One would think that Pat would be doing all writing on her laptop or be a big user of MindMap and other such softwares for planning.  However, that is not the case.

I somehow find looking at my laptop screen for these process a mind-stopping event.  However, give me paper and pen and I am off and brainstorming.  Thus, I am always looking at writing tools and paper, tablets, journals, etc.

At HIGH TECC in July another techie was writing in his Moleskine® journal.  The best way I can describe the tactile feel of this book is soft and welcoming.  I promptly ordered two of these.  The purpose of one is for my trip to China.  I want a way to capture my thoughts while moving about without a laptop so that they can be used for blogging at The Glamour of the Road.

I still haven’t moved from my various scratch pads to the other Moleskine journal for general writing and planning but I need to soon.  I have three different pads going and I am having to check back and fourth to be sure I don’t miss something important.  When one travels and works with multiple clients at one time, I find it a huge challenge to remain organized.  I am a work in progress but moving all my writing and planning to the computer from paper is probably not going to happen.  Being of this mind does help me identify with my clients when they are resistent to becoming “paperless”.  The thing that seems to finally make people comfortable with the imaging process is to remind them that when they need to do detailed reading of a document, it can always be printed in-full or in-part as needed.  Adapting to technology is a process for all of us, so be patient and just keep moving forward.

  • I agree with your confusion. Although I love technology and would rather have an email than a paper message, I still can’t pull away from my fancy paper journals. I must have special pens to write with, and continue to try and use a planner. Guess it’s progress not perfection.

  • Liz,
    I keep trying the special pens, but I either lose them or leave them at home. I have totally given up the planner in favor of my outlook calendar and Blackberry. Progress is in the eye of the beholder. I say if the day planner works, then it is the best tool.

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