Fall from the Plane Window

I always get the window seat on the airplane. It is important to me as a traveler to see what I am leaving, where I am arriving and as much as possible in between.  Last week (October 6, 2009) I traveled to Utica, New York, and my view did not disappoint.  The flight from Chicago to Albany was a wonderful viewing experience.  I have experienced fall foliage in Utah and on a particularly wonderful Sunday several years ago along the Hudson River north of White Plains, New York.  But seeing this display from the window of your airplane is another matter.  The view actually looks like a patch work quilt. There are green fields, lakes, green golf courses, houses, roads and lots of beautiful trees.  I can’t take credit for this picture nor do I know where it was taken, but what I saw looked exactly like this.  My drive from Albany to Utica was along a highway lined with the same beautiful foliage I had flown over, however, it wasn’t quite the same as seeing it from the air.  My trip to my first visit of a new client went very well.  I was accepted almost immediately as a friend and part of the crowd.  I felt very comfortable and am excited about working with this agency.  This was a good “The Glamour of the Road” week.