Santa Fe, New Mexico


A few months ago a couple that has been life long friends with Gene and that I meet and joined in this friendship a few years ago asked us to meet them in Santa Fe for a few days.  They were meeting his sister and her husband here for several days.  We have never traveled with any of these people before and hardly know our friends relatives but we said it sounded like fun, I love Santa Fe and I thought I really needed a few days away.

We have had so much fun.  When we arrived on Tuesday evening we picked them up and went to Tomasita’s for our first New Mexican meal of the trip and a planning session.

On Wednesday we did the Square in Santa Fe which means lots of shopping.  We also visited The Loretto Chapel shown here. IMG_2248 Two mysteries surround the spiral staircase in the Loretto Chapel: the identity of its builder and the physics of its construction.  The chapel is so very beautiful.  Then there was lunch at The Shed.  A must for those that appreciate New Mexican food since 1953.  It was very good.  The afternoon held a surprise rain storm and then a visit the the newly opened New Mexico History Museum.  Off on our on for dinner to Pranzo Italian Grill.  You occasionally need a break form New Mexican food.  I had eaten here before and knew it would be good and it was.

On Thursday we met up at a shopping area by the train station, then back to the square for boot shopping and lunch at Tia Sophia’s.  Yet another very good place in the square area for New Mexican food. IMG_2262

On Thursday afternoon the other two couples did a drive north of Santa Fe, Gene prowled through more shops in the square and I took a cooking class at the Santa Fe School of Cooking.  More on this in a separate blog.  A bit more window shopping.  On our way back to our hotel we decided that Subway sandwiches fit the bill for the evening meal.

While tired at the end of each day, I was truly relaxed.  To me travel of this type provide me a chance to clear my mind and come back to my work refreshed.  I so enjoy the opportunity to experience The Glamour of the Road in such a wonderful place.  Day 2 to follow soon.