Edison & Ford Winter Estates


Gene and I planned to visit here a few years ago and spend the weekend on Sanibel Island.  Well there was the small matter of a hurricane named Charley.  When we found out where the I-CAN meeting was going to be this year, we included an extra day in our plan so that we could hopefully accomplish this visit.  I am so glad we did.

A visit to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates is truly special.    These two men are icons of American business.  Some interesting facts:

  • Ford worked for Edison before he began manufacturing automobiles.
  • Edison searched the world for plants to bring to the estates.
  • Edison, Ford and Harvey Firestone sought out plants that contained latex for the manufacture of rubber.
  • The Banyan Tree shown in the picture above, is now over an acre in diameter, and it is understood to be the second largest in the world.

If you have the chance you should take a 1/2 day and visit.  You might want to choose a bit cooler weather, but come early in the day.  The crowds get heavier as the day goes on, even in the hot weather.  This is one those destinations I seek out in traveling “The Glamour of the Road”.  Enjoy our pictures.

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