HIGH-TECC 2009 – Day 3 – July 22

room photo On the 3rd morning we are all on information overload, but looking for more.  There seems to be no photo from the 3rd morning, but this is a photo from the 1st day when we still look fresh.  As you can see we are hooked into our technology.

As we struggle with waking up our minds Steve forges ahead with his What’s Great In 2009.   He is demonstrating voice recognition software Dragon  Naturally Speaking Version 10 Preferred.  We are moving on to the the many uses of video.  He is discussing a number of uses of video at websites, the use of video for training and how and why to use a Flip Video.  Steve is showing us how to use eyejot to send video emails to clients.

Are you looking for a way to capture and store information on the web, emails and other information?  Steve is reviewing how he uses EverNote as his database for documents and information.

Other technologies discussed and demonstrated:

Having an open discussion on personal projectors used with MP3/Video players.  Lots of pros and cons to this projector.

Steve reminds everyone to check out the pics at the HIGH-TECC FB Page

Steve’s closing remark is to pick one or two ideas that you have seen at HIGH-TECC 2009 and implement them.  Don’t try to do everything at once.

This is the fastest 2 hours at HIGH-TECC.  It always takes me a couple of days to complete this post as there are so many links and subjects to pull together.  My final reflections will follow soon.