Exotic Travel

Horoscope 08.02.09

Yesterday, just for grins because it was my birthday, I read my horoscope.  See Leo.  The “Visit exotic location this week” made me laugh out loud.  My planned business trip this week is to Hobbs, NM.

I lived in Hobbs in 1968 and left in January 1969.  I did not return for 38 years.  That should give you a clue about my desire to visit.  I have been back a few times in the past few years.  First for my uncle’s funeral and this is my second visit for business.

Not much has changed.  The town is a bit larger, but it is still flat, no trees and when the wind blows so does dirt.  They must have had rain recently as the weeds on the sides of the roads are green.

I decided that I needed to keep a positive attitude and look for the exotic side of Hobbs during my visit.  This evening as I ventured off to have dinner I chose a New Mexican restaurant.  If you have never eaten New Mexican food you don’t know what you are missing.  New Mexican cooking is about their chilies and spices.  It is not like any other Mexican or Latin food you have ever eaten.  I am sure that in the next couple of days I will find reasons to eat more of their wonderful food.

I also really like the people in the agency that I work with in Hobbs.  Thus, it is not as bad as I always think it is going to be.  When you travel it is important to look at the glass has half full and be on the lookout for people and things of interest.  If I find anything else exotic in Hobbs, I will let you know.  Always looking for The Glamour of The Road.