Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition – Aug 09


While browsing through the tourist sites for Vancouver I happened upon the Deeley Motorcycle ExhibitionNow motorcycles are not my thing but I am not the only person on this vacation.  My husband Gene has been riding motorcycles since he was 14 years old.  He loves the history of motorcycles.  The current exhibition is focused on the rise and fall of the British motorcycle industry.

On Wednesday morning we took a cab to Trev Deely Motorcycles where this exhibition is housed.  Our ride to our destination proved to be interesting.  I say you haven’t seen a city until you have been in the roughest part.  On our trip east on Hastings Street, we traveled through what is known as the roughest area of Vancouver.  This area is described in Wikipedia as “The area is noted for a high incidence of poverty, drug use, sex trade, crime, as well as a history of community activism.”

Gene thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and wished there had been more.  The guy manning the exhibition that day was an old motorcycle dude also and they had a great conversation about everything motorcycle.  I took entertainment, my Kindle and BlackBerryOnce you have walked through and looked at each motorcycle, what else is there?  I know he thinks the same thing when I am in a gallery or jewelry store.

Gene found out that we were just a few blocks from a Vancouver SkyTrain station.  So when we left the exhibition we set off on our trek to the SkyTrain station.  Once we arrived we couldn’t quite decide the best place for our destination station or where to transfer.  I am impressed with the help available via the phone adjacent to the ticketing machine.  The gentlemen patiently answered my questions and gave me clear instructions on best destination and transfer.  Vancouver is the site of the 2010 Winter OlympicsThey have been gearing up for this and extending and improving the SkyTrain has been part of this process.  We had a great ride and saw the city from a different perspective.

Late lunch in downtown Vancouver and walk back to our hotel. That evening we checked out the Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant for dinner.  Good food, great wait staff and fun just spending time together.  Another great day for “The Glamour of the Road”.


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