Last Day in Vancouver – Aug 09


There was a really slow start to Friday morning.  The day on Grouse Mountain had taken its toll on my body.  But there are still things to see and do and they include lunch and shopping on Granville IslandGranville Island was once an industrial manufacturing area, but is now a major tourist destination, providing amenities such as a public market, a large marina, a hotel, the Emily Carr University of Art and Design (named in honor of the artist), various theaters including the Arts Club Theatre Company and Carousel Theatre, and various shopping areas clustered around the one industrial outpost remaining, a cement plant.

Some of the cement trucks have great pictures on their tanks.  One has a bunch of asparagus with a blue rubber band around them, another on large strawberry.  Our pictures contain the one with a strawberry and one with bows. The island is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

We took a cab from our hotel and arrived around 11AM.  It was just beginning to get crowded.  Most of the shops are occupied by artisans.  There are jewelry makers, weavers, sculptors and much more.  I really enjoying seeing all types of craftsmanship and visiting with the artist when they are present.

In addition to these shops there are also kiosks for artists in the public market.  Wow what a public market, great fresh produce, beautiful flowers, wonderfully fresh fish, meats from many different countries and much, much more.  To bad I didn’t have a place to cook that evening.  We also encountered children feeding the geese and pigeon’s at a park at the water’s edge.  There was a wooden boat show in progress.  Gene also observed the process of a sail boat being moved into the water from land.

At lunch we found a small local place, Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe.  Probably would seat 20 people at the most.  I had never before seen salmon as a choice of fish for fish & chips.  I have never before thought of fried salmon.  Oh my!  It was excellent.  Having had fried food for lunch I thought it best we walk around a bit more.

Finally worn out we headed for the cab stand and headed back to our hotel.  I really was into vacation mode and not wanting to head back to the real world, but home did sound good.  Something about one’s own bed and shower.  Another wonderful day documented for “The Glamour of the Road”.


Enjoy our pictures