Producer Intelligence – Not Captured in Agency Management System

One of the big issues I find that every agency I work with has is how to capture conversations the producer has with clients, underwriters, etc.  In some agencies producers aren’t allowed to log into the agency management system to enter their documentation into an activity.  Other agencies that do have producers logging into their system don’t get better results.  Unless a producer has a laptop configured for access to the agency management system, the chances of them to entering this information is nil to none.  Even for those producers with laptops and access to the agency management system, only a minority of them will update the system.


At Aartrijk Brand Camp Nibby Priest of Vaughn Insurance Agency, Henderson, KY asked me why agency management system vendors haven’t developed a way to capture voice – converted text in an activity.  His example is that he currently uses a product PhoneTag which converts voice mails into text.  So why can’t this same concept be used for capturing information into an agency management system activity?

The answer goes back to some of my recent posts about the lack of innovation on the part of agency management system vendors.  I have always believed that if we can think of something a technology should do that there is someone that can make it happen.  But alas agents do not have all the technology tools that they need to be effective in today’s world.

What are other ideas you have about technology you would like to see in your agency management system?

  • Well put Pat! You can find more info about phonetag at This service ends up charging approximately .30 per transcription. I understand that Google Voice does the same thing but no charge.

    • I heard 2 people talking about the Google Voice application and they both knew about it but neither have tried it. I am trying to remember who it was so I can circle back and ask for their input. Thanks for sharing info on this product.

  • Hi Pat. I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say good post. I couldn’t agree more about the majority of agency software out there: our industry has very low levels of technology adoption and trust out there, and for good reason.

    I run an insurance agency software company in the UK and we’ve just released our software SchemeServe after a 7 year development cycle.

    We’re currently looking at additional ways to get producer intelligence into SchemeServe and would be really interested in looking at this idea in greater detail.

    • Adam, thank you for your comments and welcome to my site. I would be glad to visit with you about these and other agency management system ideas.