Make the Noise Go Away by Larry G. Linne

moz-screenshot-1I met Larry Linne several years ago at a Sitkins 100 meeting now known as Sitkins International.  He was a speaker and his subject was on sales management.  Who knew he was writing this wonderful book?  I so wish I had known all that is in this book when I owned a managing general agency.  Oh did I lose sleep and it was very noisy.  It would have also been helpful for those positions where I was second-in-command.

My review of this book is really redundant.  A forward by Ken Blanchard should say it all.  However, I have insights to share.  On page 48, Larry quotes Jim as saying “I have owned this business for sixteen years, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched employees walk out the door at five o’clock on the dot, leaving a huge problem behind for me to solve.”  Jim also said earlier in the book that he was disappointed to learn that his employees didn’t care as much about the business as he did.

I had these thoughts almost everyday I owned my own company.  I had these thoughts many days as the second-in-command.  I still have these thoughts sometimes when I am consulting with an agency.  I hear these thoughts in one form or another from every business owner I work with or know.  Another thing these business owners express as a frustration is not only the problems you know you need to solve but there are always problems hiding that no one has told you about yet.

My words to every business owner, no matter what your business, get this book and read it as fast as you can.  If you don’t have a second-in-command get the right one, then do everything this book says.  If you have a second-in-command, you get the picture.

Larry, thank you for this new resource that I have added to my arsenal for working with my clients.