I was taught long ago that without integrity my knowledge means little. Of late, roads that I have taken have caused a number of people to question my integrity. So I think it is time to address these issues.

girls hear,see,say no evil.jpgAs a consultant I work with insurance agencies on best practices and maximizing their technology that they have or may be considering. It is important that I keep up with what is happening with a number of systems. If you have been paying attention you have seen that I have attended the Brokerage Builder User’s Group meeting, the Vertafore Industry Forum, the AMSUG Power User’s Conference and two Nexsure User Group conferences this year. I have also been involved in looking at the new Impowersoft product Aspire, I have helped an agencies evaluate Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etfile, CSR24 and been approached by a couple of other vendors about working with them on their products. I also attend numerous other industry events where vendors exhibit their products.

Based on my relationship with each of these vendors I may or may not have signed a non-disclosure agreement. But having or not having a non-disclosure is not of significance to me. I handle the information I am privileged to acquire from interacting with each of these groups and their customers confidentially. I will not divulge to one vendor information about another vendor or the functionalities of their product information that is not public information.

I have added a disclosures section on my website on my About page I have added a section for Disclosures and Relationships. I want to be as transparent as possible. Being an independent consultant means just that. However, to be the most effective for my client, I need a lot of knowledge. To acquire a lot of knowledge you must be involved.

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