Accomplishing Change

In a few presentations on the subject of change I have made a point that change is easier if it is for something we want to do than something our employer wants us to do. I use the example of how easy it is to change when we want a new cell phone. If we choose to change to a new cell phone you don’t hear a lot of grumbling. We tend to embrace the learning process and in a short period we know almost everything there is to know. We are telling everyone that will listen all we know and how wonderful our new phone is.

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In reality not everyone adapts well to change even when they have elected the change. I find adapting to change is a mindset. Adapting to change involves learning and planning. I recently bought a MacBook Pro. I was up and running quickly. I just knew I could teach myself all I needed to know. I mean really, my business is about helping insurance agencies understand and maximize the use of their technology.

So I decided that I would commit time each week to going to Apple School and learn from the pros. It has really paid off. I was stumbling around trying to figure out how mail, ical and the address book could interact since they are separate. Well the answer is that they actually work together in a number of awesome ways.

I’ve spent time in a class on Pages which is Apple‘s word processing program. I need more time here to be as comfortable as I am in Microsoft Word but I think it will come very quickly. Monday I am taking a Keynote class. According to Michael Hyatt‘s various posts on this subject, Keynote is far superior to PowerPoint. So I am excited about moving on with Keynote.

So what do you do to accomplish change? I am always looking for pointers.

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  • One way I accomplish change is to actually say that I am going to do with it and stay with it 21 days. I wish that I could change to MAC too but my dependence on Vertafore AMS360 product prohibits me from doing that. Looking forward to hearing more about your Mac Experience! Many have done it and never look back!

    • Nibby that is a great plan. Yesterday I heard a lady say that nothing is a goal until it has a date. Similar idea but it really hit home for me. My To Do list now needs some dates. I too have some requirements to have a Windows laptop so I use my old one for those purposes. My current project is researching Mac's tools and software for being able to run windows on my Mac. I will keep you posted on how that works. Thanks for your comments.

  • Hi Pat,
    I'm one of those people who embraces change! Can you imagine if life were the same every day? I agree, change terrifies some people until they realize that the though of "change" is often worse than the change itself.

    Really – what is the worse thing that can happen if you try something new? You fail, regroup and try something else. No truly successful person has achieved greatness without being a risk taker and "failing" several times before reaching the time. They embraced change as a good thing.

    Great post!

    • Cindy, thanks so much for your comments. They are all so true. I lost count several years ago of the pieces of software I have downloaded, tried and deleted. For me it is always seeking better to achieve the best. I believe the #1 reason I am a consultant is that every day is not the same. Most days pose some new challenge which I need to fuel my life. I see the same in you. Challenge on!