Insurance Ecosystem Blog Launch

I am pleased to announce the launch today of a new blog Insurance Ecosystem.Com. My vision for this blog is to provide you with communicators that don’t normally blog but have great views and information to share. Each of these individuals has been wooed to blog here because I think they have so much to contribute in their area of expertise. PatAlexander.Com will remain the home base for my voice. I will contribute to this site from time-to-time or enter into the conversation via comments on a particular post.

scrabble blog words.jpg

I am inviting you to sign up to subscription to this new blog. Currently I plan to have new posts for you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. I have several committed communicators and some thinking about it. If you know of someone that does not regularly blog that you would like to hear, let me know and I will see if I can entice them to join us. If you are a regular blogger, but would like to join in the conversation here with guest posts, let me know.

I believe that the more we have involved in the conversation the better.

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