Building Your Business With Social Media

Many people that I encounter along my path in life think that social media is a waste of time. Can it be a waste of time. YES! Does it have to be a waste of time? NO! While I can write a lot of stuff about how great social media is for building your business, I believe that an actual example is the best way to demonstrate this.

Liz to Ash FB Discussion.jpg

This conversation occurred between two ladies that I am friends with on facebook, follow on twitter, and enjoy meeting up with at industry functions. I call both of them movers and shakers in the insurance industry and bright minds that will shape our industries future.

Now I challenge you to find two busier individuals. Here is the toll:


  • Married
  • StepMom that attends wrestling matches and other young people events
  • Active in community projects
  • Sports Fan
  • Active in other insurance industry events


  • MBA Student
  • Single Mom – Attends young people events
  • Maid, Cook, Chauffeur
  • Active in other insurance industry events
  • Active in community projects
  • I’m not sure about her stance on sports

However, they both find time for social networking. They use social networking to interact with their friends and family and for business. The example here is Liz needs information for an accounting class for Project Invest and Ashley hooking her up with Janet Tuttle. Liz had a question, Ashley had an answer and Janet will probably have a new client. Janet is a new entrepreneur. She is using social media as one of her tools for building her business. This all happened in a span of about 15 minutes.

I met both of Liz and Ashley through social media through other insurance industry individuals. I knew Janet through her work at her previous employer. Look at how small social media made the world and brought all of this together.

Please share how social media has help you in business or your personal life.

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  • This is exactly what it is all about! Thanks Pat!
    Yesterday at 12:06pm · via Facebook

  • Ashley Bower Whitney

    I love this! and for the record, I love sports, but unless it's a major event (SuperBowl, Stanley Cup, etc etc) I usually don't have time to watch them. As I mentioned on one of my replies above – I truly love connecting people together – and social media makes it SO easy to do.
    Via FaceBook

  • Liz Kittell

    It really is a good example of how people make social media "useful". When I teach class it seems like people are on a witch hunt to prove that Social media is useless and only meant for personal life. —It really depends on the person. I'm so happy to report Janet called me yesterday. 🙂

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