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Our world of social media continues to explode. Along with that comes new technologies and new design. While creating a new social media plan for a client over the past few weeks, I determine that my site was too busy and outdated in its design and performance. It has only been about a year since I last had a re-design. However, as someone working with clients on updating who they are and how they operate, I think I need to be as current as possible in addition to looking to the future.

Remaining as current as possible is a challenge. While assembling my social media presentation for the client; there were changes to some of the tools I was recommending. Just a few days ago I became frustrated with the blogging software I was using and decided to go back to a previously used software. Well, just today I received an update to the blogging software I was using and now it is superior to the one I returned to, so here I am again and loving the new features.

Now in the world of an agency you can’t go changing software everyday, but you need to be involved with your current vendors to engage them in moving forward in their development. When I talk to a vendor and ask what they are doing to design and implement touch screen functionality I usually just get ignored. Sometimes they tell me their clients are asking for it. I suggest that most agencies don’t know they should be pushing for this technology.

Insurance agencies are so focused in their world that they are not always aware of what is happening in the outside world and what technologies they should be engaging. I believe that if insurance agencies and companies want to hire and retain the best people they need to have the best technologies. Many days I feel our whole industry is going nowhere fast toward achieving the best technologies.

What are you wishing for? Have you talked to your vendor? What is their response?

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  • Pat – I really like your new re-design and look. When do you find the time?

    • Rick, without Kim this would not be possible. She takes my ideas, rantings and sometimes far out requests and makes the happen and real. Add to that some weekend time and late evenings. But the results make it all seem so worth it. And look who is talking about finding the time. What a busy guy you have been this past year. Thanks for your input.

  • Hi Pat – It looks great.

    It seems like a lot of big businesses can be unwilling to or afraid of making change. I remember in the mid 90's when my co-worker and I were making a website for the company I worked for and the owner was convinced that the Internet was a fad and that we were wasting out time.
    My recent post Page Speed Will Affect Google Page Rank – How to Test Your Page Speed

    • Kim, I find that resistance to change everyday. When they decide to make a change then there is still the struggle to get it going. So much for fads. Thanks for all your help in making this change.

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  • Pat what blogging tool are you using.I know u r mac now. I use windows live writer.

    • Nibby, I use MarsEdit by and yes it is Mac software. I used Windows Live Writer when I used a PC. I set a client up on it a couple of weeks ago and find it is still very good. MarsEdit has just had a big upgrade and it is getting a lot closer to LiveWriter. I have been communicating with them on a couple of things I would like to see and they are on the next release list. Cool.

  • Safeer Hassan

    Pat, the new website looks fantastic!