The Value of Who I Follow on Social Media

One of the lists I have created in twitter is PatAlexander/Influencers.  Who is in this list and why is the question.  This is the list that I pay attention to through the day.  I edit this list from time-to-time.  I might try someone new in this list and find that they really don’t contribute information or content that I find useful.  Recently someone in this list began posting promotional tweets, around 10 at a time, several times a day.  It was difficult to get through the clutter to read everyone else.  Thus, that person has been removed from this list.  It became so bad that I actually un-followed the individual.  As I find new people to follow and as new people follow me, I think it is important to see what they are about.  I really appreciate good conversation and ideas.

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Speaking of ideas, there have been a number of them that I have acted on since the 1st of the year.

@rickjmiv – Rick Morgan – Invited me to be a member of Quora.  This looks very interesting.  I just signed up yesterday so I need to find a time to concentrate on this and see how it fits into the grand scheme of things.  Rick is always looking forward and searching for useful tools and then shares them via social media.

@afeldt – April Feldt – Challenges the world and herself each day.  Much of the time it is on social media.  Last year April expressed that she missed doing presentations which she had done regularly at her previous employer.  Within a few hours someone had contacted her, and a presentation was in the making.

@awhitney2B – Ashley Whitney – Shared a link about how Instapaper can be used to capture web pages which are automatically sent to your Kindle.  I have signed up, Tested this out and am now actively using it on a daily basis.  In the past I have printed the page to .pdf and sent to my Kindle.  But that doesn’t always format very well and I must print, save, and email to my Kindle email address.  Once I set up my Instagram preferences, I only need click on the Read Later shortcut on my web browser tool bar.  One simple step.

@MaryBiever – Mary Biever – I met Mary because of @NibbyP re-tweeting her blog on Tiptoe with the Typewriters.  Mary agreed to let me post this as a guest post atInsuranceEcosystem.  Her newest guest post at InsuranceEcosystem is What, Why and How of QR Codes.  Mary blogs on a wide range of subjects at Real Life in River City.

@NibbyP – Nibby Priest – Nibby gently reminded many of us that if we haven’t blogged in a while with this tweet.  Thanks Nibby for reminding me so I wouldn’t mess up at the beginning of this blog.


Nibby has a personal blog at and a company blog at  I have met a number of people via Nibby’s comments on twitter and facebook or re-posting of their blogs.

Some of these individuals I knew before I became active in social media.  We would see each other once or twice a year at an industry event, but otherwise had little contact.  Social media has given us insight into each others lives and a chance to communicate in real time or in the time we have available.  I have much closer relations ships with each of these individuals today.

Others on this list I met via social media.  When we were able to meet in person we were able to immediately begin a conversation without all of the introduction, getting to know you stuff.  We already knew a lot about each other.  Such a comfortable way to meet for the first time.

I have yet to meet Mary Biever yet.  But I think it would be wonderful.  Hopefully that will happen someday.  In the meantime, we will continue getting to know each other via social media.

These certainly aren’t the only people I follow or that influence me.  These are the most recent examples of those that challenge me almost every day.  In addition to these great relationships, I have been able to connect with several business opportunities via social media.  Monitor who you follow, try out new people from time-to-time, weed out the ones that don’t contribute to your life.

Who do you follow and why?

  • Craig

    Its really cool to see insurance folks getting into twitter.

    I follow alot of the same people and here are a few more-
    @nibb13 – he runs Moreton & Companys IT dept and is a Com sec expert
    @m0dernist – She is a sys addy/workflow guru at Flood & peterson
    @Colinjonez – Runs Flood & peterson IT
    and then there is me- @ferox11 – I run Lanier Upshaw IT dept.(Created on the side.
    And My Main man @mltado who is a front end ev that runs our infrastructure.

    happy Friday and thanks for the post.

    (this may have been a dupe response.)

    I also follow @netvu_now, @albanyinsurance
    My recent post How can twitter make my conference experience better

  • nibbyp

    Thanks Pat for the mention! Today I got a linked in request for a recommendation from a person I have never met–in person that is. I couldn't get to the LinkedIn site fast enough to do the recommendation. I feel like I know Elijah quite well even though most of our communication is via a tweet, post or phone call. He helps me quite well with my Internet Based Phone system at Insurance. He is like I say many times #TheBest and we have never met. I know too that he has two precious Shih Tzus — one name Oscar. I'm having and enjoying many wonderful friendships through all this blogging, posting and tweets! Oh btw this is the first time that I have commented on your blog in a while. <snoring at me!>
    My recent post Enhance your FireFox Browser with Add-Ons

    • Nibby, thanks for comments. You are correct that you can get to know people very well through social media and working with them online. In the converse, I have eliminated people totally from my feeds because of attitudes, language, constant advertising, etc. No way I am snoring at you. You are too funny.

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  • marybiever

    Thanks for the mention toay, Pat! I'm more than glad we've met via social media!

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