Joining the Touch Screen Generation

As I continue to expand my work with insurance agencies further into the social media world, it became clear to me that I needed some sort of touch screen device. One cannot be clear on the why, how, when, etc. unless one is able to fully engage and experience.  I also believe that it is important to be able to show people what you are talking about and great examples of good use of technology.


I have resisted the temptation for buy a tablet a very long time.  My friends and family know that I need many technology gadgets.  So when I showed up at a recent insurance technology event I was asked by a number of people why I chose to go with a android tablet as opposed to the iPad.  Here is my reasoning:

  • The iPad is bigger and heavier than I wanted.
  • I didn’t think it did everything I wanted it to do. (My personal preferences – no offense to Apple)
  • I have a MacBook Pro on which I also run a virtual PC. (Best of both worlds)
  • I should see what the android fuss is about.
  • I began working with SehMobile and they are currently programming apps in android. (iPad apps coming soon)
  • I liked the quality and size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I spent a good deal of time reading blogs, watching online comparisons, looking at the products and deciding what I should do.  However, I was reluctant to make a big purchase no knowing how beneficial a tablet would really be.  Also, in just a few short months there will be several more new tablets on the market that have peaked my interest.  So with further searching I found an off-brand tablet for $204.00.  It lasted less than a week before I sent it back.  It was difficult to work with and the email module quit working after 2 days and I couldn’t get customer support to respond to this issue.  I found that several other people were having difficulty in getting an answer to this same issue.

So off to the Verizon store I went to purchase Samsung’s tablet.  I have found it very responsive and easy to set up and learn to use. I am still exploring all the apps available, what apps are beneficial to my lifestyle and the possibilities for having it interact with the Mac and PC programs I use in my business. To say some of this has not been a challenge would be wrong. But I believe that the challenges have been well worth it. I have already embraced this tablet as my constant companion.  My trusted and beloved Blackberry has become only a phone in its current use.  I hope it doesn’t feel rejected and quit working.

During that recent insurance technology meeting I sat next to Rick Morgan. I consider Rick the consummate technology engager and thinker. Rick is an avid iPad user.  He was kind enough to show me the types of apps he uses and thought I might be interested in. I made a list and set out to find similar apps so I can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

After I have spent some more time with my new friend, I will post about apps I like and think you might find beneficial in your business application of a tablet.

Are you using a tablet? What kind and how? Let us hear your tips. If you are not a user, let us know your questions.