Change Can Be Good

At the Dallas Women of Faith a few weeks ago, Patsy Clarimont was telling the story of her son’s very serious and lengthy illness. Several weeks into his stay in the hospital, she and her husband arrived at the hospital one morning to find that their son was going to be moved from intensive care to a different unit.

She questioned if it he was ready yet and would he have everything he might need in the new unit.  As would be expected, she had lots of questions and uncertainty about what was going to happen. As is often the case in hospital, there is lots of reassuring with minimal information and answers.

Patsy said that in the back of her mind she kept hearing “Change can be good”. Since there seemed to be no option but to move forward that is what she did. When her son was moved to the new unit, a new doctor and her team arrived in the room. The doctor made it very clear that she did not want to hear from anyone unless she specifically asked them a question. Parents included.

Changing fish bowl

She had to keep repeating to herself “Change can be good”. With in a few minutes the doctor began giving instructions on medication changes. Apparently the pharmacist in the hospital did not agree with the doctor on a change she had made. The doctor made it very clear that she understood the standard recommendations for the patient, however, she was making this change and there would be no further discussion.

Patsy said the “Change can be good” was coming through loud and clear by now. Due to this change and other changes in how her son was being treated, there was improvement to his condition in a very short period of time. By now Patsy is shouting “CHANGE CAN BE GOOD“!

Most change is difficult. It doesn’t matter if it is a medical issue, a change in your personal life, or a change in the business world. Change can be good. I’m not suggesting that change just be made on the spur of the moment with no thought and planning, however, change should be looked at in a positive way.

In today’s business world, change is happening constantly. Sometimes you are able to plan for a change, but in other cases not so. Many of us use one or more systems that operate in the cloud. When the developer of that product implements a change, it is immediate to everyone. You may have received some information prior to the update, but somehow it is not the same as a planned change within your office.

Sometimes that immediate change doesn’t look like or function as described. So at that point, you have to determine how it works, train everyone and move forward. On occasion these change are very good and need correcting, but overall, upgrades and changes to systems are really an improvement and good after all.

If you approach today’s business world’s software and hardware with a “glass half-full attitude” and ‘CHANGE CAN BE GOOD” mantra, you will fare much better than those that don’t.

What change are you contemplating that could be good?