Testing Blogsy for iPad

 I continue to search for tools that will allow me to be productive on my iPad while traveling or out and about. One of the areas that I have really struggled with a great blogging app. While WordPress has an app, it just doesn’t give you the tools you really need for doing hyperlinks, adding media, etc.
One of my favorite apps is Zite. It searches the web for content based on the categories I have chosen. An article “How the iPad Became My Favorite Computer“. I already use the Zagg keyboard that is mentioned in this article. I will check out some of the other apps discussed, but I immediately downloaded the Blogsy app.

This is my first post using only Blogsy. I am still learning what all can be done, but I do think it is possible that this can be the best tool to available to manage my blogs while moving about. My previous process was very involved which was frustrating. It seemed better to just wait until I was back at my laptop.

However, as many of you know I am a software junkie. If you have other suggestions I all ears. How are you using your iPad to improve your mobile business life?

  • Well I see I have mastered the font settings yet. That will come. This was a really good App experience.