Outstanding PCR Clean-Up Challenge

It is not uncommon when working with my clients to find a whole bunch of follow-ups or un-posted items in their agency management system. Such is the case at one of my clients. During the committee meeting discussing the standards and process for ordering and checking endorsements we found that there were in excess of 100 un-posted Policy Change Requests (PCR). There was the usual moan and statement, yet another backlog to solve.

Challenge Doodles

As is usually the case in these instances, the majority of these open items have been received but not closed or posted in the agency management system. This should be a one-time project. It involved each of these items being opened and researched to determine that.

  1. Yes – the item has been received and the PCR should be posted.
  2. No – the items has not been received and needs to be resolved.

The operations manager advised that the agency would be willing to pay overtime for this project to be handled outside of regular business hours. The lady that advised she would like to take on this project named it the “Outstanding PCR Clean-Up Challenge.” What a great attitude! This is how things get done. Everyone else saw it as a problem. This individual sees it as a challenge and an opportunity to move forward.

How to you instill this attitude in your staff?

  • Jason Verlinde

    Not understanding how they were left open. Are they not assigned to an individual to follow up in a timely manner?? I can’t imagine having that many open.

    • Jason, sorry for taking so long to reply to this. Seems I need to pay attention to my website as my notifications to me for comments is not working. Anyway, I often find these situations when working with agencies. As it is in this case, it is usually a combination of open items for staff that has left, really old stuff that people know in their minds are done, but don’t bother to complete and the system not being monitored on a regular basis fo make sure this work is being done. I am never surprised by how many really old open activities of all sorts there are in systems.