Blogging for Engagement Not for Numbers

I recently posted a review on Dictapad for iPad Review. I wasn’t even aware of this app until a friend of my needed a solution for transcribing interviews. I went in search of such apps, read about them and felt that this was the best one available. I have since used the app to transcribe a recording from my Livescribe pen. It does exactly what you want it to. I knew that the post would be interesting to a very small audience. I wanted to show on a bigger scale that there are lots of solutions out there, you just need to search them out.


So far the Dictapad post has only had one commenter. After I responded to his comment I looked him up on the web as I didn’t know him. Most of the individuals that comment on my posts are from the insurance world and if I don’t know them personally, I know who they are. After looking him up I sent him an email and asked him if he minded sharing how he found my blog and this post. His response was:

The answer isn’t very interesting, really: I Googled the app’s name, and aside from the developer’s website, yours was the only ‘real person’ discussion about it. (I find most iPad-related websites are those pointless app listing ones or press-release-churning farms.)

This demonstrates the power of the proper title on pages and blogs. You want people to be able to find you in a google search. Don’t over think it, just be descriptive of the subject.

Turns out hamishmacdonald self published a book way before it was a common subject. This is a huge conversation in the insurance industry. e-books are now prolific. One of Hamish’s books is Finitude. This is what his website says about the book.

A light-hearted climate change adventure story about an insurance salesman at the end of the world.

After a thirty-year rationing plan called “The Effort” the prime minister declares VC Day: “Victory over the Climate”. But chronically depressed insurance salesman Jeremy Chutter knows it’s all hot air. The end is nigh — and he can’t wait!

Then Jeremy’s world gets turned upside-down…

A book based on an insurance salesman. Really? How appropriate. I haven’t read this yet. I have just downloaded on my Kindle. It never ceases to amaze me how something that would be interesting to me just shows up in my life. If you are interested in DIY Books, check out Hamish’s website.

While I like for a lot of people to be interested in what I have to share, it is not always important that a lot of people comment on it. The important thing is that I was able to reach someone that was really looking for a solution and that I was able to provide valuable input.

Share you unusual connections.