Why Should You Attend a Social Media Workshop?

Yesterday I attended one of Mike Wise‘s Social Tech Boot Camps. When I added this event to our calendar, my husband asked why I needed to attend such a workshop? After all, I spend a lot of time involved in social technology, I work with agencies on their social media plans and best practices. The majority of the attendees a this particular session were involved in benefits coverages. That brought a whole different perspective for me based on their views verses those of the property and casualty sector of the industry.

What I gain from such workshops.

  1. Each presenter and each attendee has a different perspective on how a particular technology should or could be used.
  2. No one can know everything about each technology. You are tapping into that particular individual’s expertise in their strongest technologies.
  3. They have experiences you don’t have with different ways to apply these technologies.
  4. Often you learn about a technology you have not even checked into.
  5. You get to take a deep dive into a technology you really need to know more about.

Mike uses real life companies that have either engaged in social tech successfully or un-successfully. This is compelling information.

The world around us is changing constantly. It is important that your company knows what is going on, how these changes might affect you, and what you need to be doing. We have plenty of examples of industries or companies that had their “heads in the sand” and are either struggling or no longer in business. Think about how the music industry changes so rapidly with the introduction of MP3 players and online music. The publishing industry has changed drastically with the introduction of electronic books. Blockbuster is no longer a place you go to get your movies. These are some of the clearest examples of how the internet has drastically changes some industries and businesses.

I meet people in the insurance business that fully believe that they can avoid the web and socially media and survive in this industry. Others believe that they only need a website. A number of people and firms that I know can clearly demonstrate how social technology as a part of their marketing plan has increased their business and the retention of clients. I can show you others that have not even gotten to 1st base with prospects for lack of technology tools these prospects enjoy with their current agency.

Please find a good social media workshop to attend. Be fully engaged. Learn, plan, implement.

What questions do you have that would help you get started on a social web plan? What experiences do you have that would help others become engaged in the social web?