Crystal Bridges – Our Visit

I love art museums. Even better are those with great sculptures and awesome architecture. Crystal Bridges meets all of these expectations and was truly a great experience. When I saw a piece on TV about this new museum last year I knew we had to visit. It is located in Greenwood, AR which is about 2 hours north of where Gene’s oldest daughter and her family live .

So when planning our time with them for Christmas this year we added a few days to the front end of the trip. We drove up on Thursday and spent Friday and part of Saturday exploring this wonder place. Once of the greatest things about the museum is the friendliness of the staff. There is an ease at this museum that is not found at so many art museums. They are often stuffy, formal and you are expected to be oh so quite. Not so here. Regular voices are used to discuss art with your fellow viewer or ask a question of the staff that is ever present. The majority of the space is very open and airy. Much of the lighting in large areas comes from the outside. While we were there is was crystal clear and sunny. So watching the light play with water reflections and shadows was very engaging. The art and sculptures are world class. The land and architecture are captivating. In addition to all this there are miles of trails throughout the property to enjoy. Something for everyone. We found this to be a very relaxing two days. A wonderful way to begin our Christmas holiday with family. While I often us the term “The Glamour of the Road” in a sarcastic manner, not so this time. If you are an art, sculpture, architectural enthusiast this is a must visit museum. Photographers will also be well rewarded here. What are the inspirational and relaxing places you like the most?

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