Presenting at the Federation of Insurance Women of Texas

I was honored to be asked to be the keynote speaker at this organization’s annual convention.  I have attended this convention over the years as an exhibitor and as a member.  My busy schedule and the dates for this convention have not worked together for several years.  Thus, there are a number of people I haven’t seen in those years.  When I was asked to do a presentation on social media I was delighted.  Wow, how fun would this be.

  • I would get to talk about a subject I really enjoy sharing.
  • I would get to see a whole bunch of friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
  • The convention was being held in Arlington (a short 20min drive from my house – no airplane ride).
  • They were feeding me lunch.

There are no minuses here in my mind.  Well as time went on, some of this changed.

WebSite Re-Design

Our world of social media continues to explode. Along with that comes new technologies and new design. While creating a new social media plan for a client over the past few weeks, I determine that my site was too busy and outdated in its design and performance. It has only been about a year since I last had a re-design. However, as someone working with clients on updating who they are and how they operate, I think I need to be as current as possible in addition to looking to the future.

Do You Have A Social Media Plan?

In January 2010 I presented a session at the Independent Insurance Agents of TexasJoe Vincent Seminar on Social Media in Insurance Agencies. I have received so much positive feedback about this session. As a result of this session I have had the pleasure to work with an agency on developing their social media plan. The owner of the agency attended the session and had some ideas in mind. The initial question was – “What tools do we use?” Then – “How do we manage them?”


Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Agency's 'Home Base' – Insurance Journal – March 2010

In January this year I had the privilege of presenting “Turning Social Media Into Social Business” as a breakout session at the Independent Insurance Agents of TexasJoe Vincent Seminar. This was one of three breakout sessions in the last time slot of the day. The session was almost full. I was amazed as there were other sessions offering CE credits and each had great speakers. It seems there was plenty of interest in the session at hand. The questions were plentiful and engaging.

The following is the opening of this session as reported by the Insurance Journal‘s Stephanie K. Jones.

One of the primary reasons why insurance agents don’t jump into the world of social media — such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the myriad other Web-based avenues for reaching out to the world at large — is that they are unsure how to go about it, according to a Texas-based agency consultant, coach and mentor who said there’s a lot of resistance to using such tools in the agency universe.

The link will take you to the Insurance Journal article written by Stephanie K. Jones Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Agency’s ‘Home Base’

Thank you Stephanie for a great article.

Building Your Business With Social Media

Many people that I encounter along my path in life think that social media is a waste of time. Can it be a waste of time. YES! Does it have to be a waste of time? NO! While I can write a lot of stuff about how great social media is for building your business, I believe that an actual example is the best way to demonstrate this.

You Never Know Who Is Watching and Listening

Agencies tell me that they don’t know what to blog about and who would be listening to them anyway. It is always interesting to me after I post a blog to watch for comments. Even when I ask an interesting question there are not always comments. Other times when I don’t expect a response, I receive several.

Woman w:Magnifying Glass.jpg

Why Would I use Twitter?

Last week I was privileged to be the facilitator for two sessions at the Big I of Nebraska’s first Technology Day.  In the afternoon session we discussed the potential errors and omissions issues that using social medial my pose and then we looked at the different social media resources.  When we were discussing Twitter.Com, a lady said the following:  I have read that the majority of tweets are meaningless, so why would my agency want to use them?