Warning! I’ll Be Stepping on Some Toes, Even Mine.

This past week I attended the Spring ACT meeting. Following that I have been following the tweets from the AAMGA Automation & Technology Conference. It seems the discussions at each are similar. The ACT meeting’s primary focus is on the retail insurance agents. AAMGA is focused on the wholesale broker market.

My comments in this and following articles are not meant to be critical of either of these organizations. They are directed to those in the industry that are not adopting these technologies. Most of these issues have been discussed many times before, we have great workgroups and create wonderful reports and actions.

However, the agency force as a whole doesn’t seem to be moving forward as if these issues are important. Why?


HIGH-TECC 2008 – Day 2

The first session of HIGH-TECC day 2 is Bridging the Industry Communication Gap Panel.  The panel is a diversified group.  There are members from rating services, insurance carriers, Agents Council for Technology, ACORD, and insurance agents.  The issues considered in this discussion are those around the ability of insurance agencies to be able to do effective on-line rating using the data from their agency management systems and having the quote make the round-trip back to the agency management system.  The audience was very active in asking questions of the panel as well as expressing their needs and concerns on this subject.  I really like the terminology that Keith Savino used about comparative rating.  In their agency they refer to the software they use for comparative rating as “a data aggregation tool”.

Enhance Your Bottom Line with Technology – ACT – January 2008

More agency owners/managers will see a higher return on investment in technology systems if they help employees approach workflow in a new way. Employees must understand how to fully utilize the management system. And they need training and a defined path of work. In this article agency consultant Patricia Alexander gives practical advice on leveraging technology and workflow. Most agents won’t need to invest in yet more technology to make these changes!

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The Importance of Quality Data – TAAR – November 07

I am writing this article as I am returning from The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) fall meeting. As you might imagine we talked a lot about technology.  We also talked about the importance of data.

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