Agency Culture – TAAR – March 2009

I’ve written about agency culture before, but it’s an issue that continues to resurface.  Culture affects singular and multi-agency locations alike.  Some offices in a multi-location agency can be perfectly healthy, while others are broken.  The same is true within a singular location.

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Blogging for Insurance Agencies

Over the past couple of months I have been having my website re-done into a blog forward site.  I want to share my thoughts and experiences on:

  • Best Practices for insurance agencies.
  • How to integrate and maximize your technology.
  • Discuss issues relating to agency culture and attracting and retaining the next generation of staff.
  • And other subjects of interest to you.

I want to hear from you about the subject that interest and concern you.  I am using Intense Debate for comments.  You will find this a more interactive format for comments and discussions.

What is the State of Your Agency Culture? – TAAR – January 08

When I’ve written before about core values and agency culture, I have tried to emphasize how important each is in order to achieve the success you desire.  Frequently, people ask me, “How do we get started?”  As I told an agency owner recently, there is no magic wand.

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