Managing Criticism

This post is inspired by a friend on Facebook that posted a recipe she is trying out to meet her new nutritional needs due to a recent heart issue. Several people immediately criticized her for using fat free cheese. Since this is a very recent event that she is recovering from she is trying to find her way with the assistance of her physician and family to what is best for her health. A post she made follow the criticism showed that she had been hurt by this. This lady is not immune to criticism as she is a blogger, writer, speaker and teacher. But the way in which the particular comments were delivered were especially hurtful.

The Value of Who I Follow on Social Media

One of the lists I have created in twitter is PatAlexander/Influencers.  Who is in this list and why is the question.  This is the list that I pay attention to through the day.  I edit this list from time-to-time.  I might try someone new in this list and find that they really don’t contribute information or content that I find useful.  Recently someone in this list began posting promotional tweets, around 10 at a time, several times a day.  It was difficult to get through the clutter to read everyone else.  Thus, that person has been removed from this list.  It became so bad that I actually un-followed the individual.  As I find new people to follow and as new people follow me, I think it is important to see what they are about.  I really appreciate good conversation and ideas.

Social Media Quote-People.jpg

Presenting at the Federation of Insurance Women of Texas

I was honored to be asked to be the keynote speaker at this organization’s annual convention.  I have attended this convention over the years as an exhibitor and as a member.  My busy schedule and the dates for this convention have not worked together for several years.  Thus, there are a number of people I haven’t seen in those years.  When I was asked to do a presentation on social media I was delighted.  Wow, how fun would this be.

  • I would get to talk about a subject I really enjoy sharing.
  • I would get to see a whole bunch of friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
  • The convention was being held in Arlington (a short 20min drive from my house – no airplane ride).
  • They were feeding me lunch.

There are no minuses here in my mind.  Well as time went on, some of this changed.