Pat AlexanderPatricia M. Alexander, CIC, CPIW

Patricia M. Alexander, CIC, CPIW is a consultant, coach and mentor. My experience spans standard insurance carriers, retail agencies, surplus lines insurance carriers and managing general agencies. I have been an agency owner in addition to holding several executive level management positions throughout my career. I have managed large, national programs both at the insurance carrier level and at the managing general agency level. While always involved at some level in the operations area, this became my focus in 1998. I have been involved in the definition and organization of several firms from their start-up to fully operational. I thrive on the challenges of researching, defining and implementing new systems. I consider myself an agency systems and operations specialist with an insurance background. I am dedicated to the best use of technology as a means to enhance the service experience for clients and agency staff and to improve agency profitability.

I feel that my diverse experience enables me to be an asset to my clients. My knowledge of the insurance industry eliminates the need for my clients to spend valuable time explaining how the industry works. My focus includes customizing workshops for agencies implementing new agency management and document management systems. Additionally, I assist agencies in searching for the right systems for their agency.

I have acted as an expert witness in Texas Non Subscription cases, contract dispute cases, Errors & Omissions cases and other areas related to the insurance industry.  My most interesting experience was testifying in an arbitration in London. I speak at industry events, am on the CIC national faculty and a contributing writer for insurance industry publications.

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