Desk Blogging Challenge

John Saddington creator of Desk has challenged everyone to blog or restart your blog. His post today How to Start a New Blog provides great information to give you a push.

It has been close to a year since I last posted at my blog. It always seems to be the last thing on the list. I have great ideas often. Once upon a time I wrote them down and ocassionally I posted some of those ideas. I treated blogging as a part of building my business. I blogged at more than one blog. I burned out. I found that referrals of satisfied clients was my most effective tool.

Thus blogging fell by the wayside. I’m still not sure what I will blog about or how often. Today I downloaded John’s Desk App. I am using it to create and publish this blog. I have used a number of such apps in the past and ditched them. I have to say that this thing is clean, stays out of your way and is easy to setup and use.

We will see how this goes. John you did promise an app for my iPad. Looking forward to having that option.

Bonding Thanks to Laptop

Our great niece was all about showing us here stuff until Uncle Gene took out his laptop. They spent an hour, him teaching her to do jigsaw puzzles and her asking all sorts of questions.

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Don’t Let The Sunshine Fool You

Someone left the sprinklers on last night. Ice on trees and grass here.
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Pressgram Makes My Day

This definitely make you feel better about yourself. Notice “You Rock” at the arrow.

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What Does The Week Ahead Hold?


Horoscope 09.22.13



My horoscope in today’s paper. It peaks my interest in the possibilities.

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Instant Inspirations

A couple of Friday mornings a month I make the trip to the closest Central Market. It is about twice as far as my regular super market and there are things you just can’t buy here. Things like Pork N’ Beans for example. But I love this place. The selections of fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats, seafood, and specialty items abound. I primarily go here as it is the only place I can buy Bison meat, which we have grown to prefer over beef. However, I always find many more things than are on my list.

On this particular Friday morning the only thing I need from the produce department is mushrooms. However, while getting my plastic bag for the mushrooms I see fresh okra out of the corner of my eyes. WooHoo!!! It is way past fresh okra season so this is a pleasant surprise.

Women of Faith – August 2011 – Dallas – Part III

It is 5:30AM on Saturday morning. An alarm is going off somewhere in my dreams. Oh right, the alarm is actually going off across the room where my phone is plugged in. Why is my alarm going off at 5:30AM on Saturday morning? I have not had enough sleep! Oh right, early start today at Women of Faith. I’m up, Nikki is up. We are moving. Dress, pack, check bags with hotel, breakfast, checkout and we’re off.

We arrived just at the American Airline Center was opening. At the door we entered these guys were there with their signs, cheering us on.

Guys at aacenter

We are in, cleared security, what is in store for today?

Women of Faith – August 2011 – Dallas – Part II

It was so easy to agree to blog about this event in order to win 2 free tickets from BookSneeze. However, it may be difficult to verbalize all that I experienced during the past two days.


First Impressions and Thoughts:

  • 20,000 women in the same building? Really? This is a really big concept to get your head around.
  • Did you know that 20,000 women can actually sing together and sound beautiful as if they had practiced many times?
  • This turned out to be some of the best “people watching” I have experienced.
  • The Women of Faith organization is a class act through and through and prepared for everything.
  • So glad I decided that a taxi to/from the event was a better idea than parking and walking in this heat and being in the traffic gridlock.
  • How do I manage getting to/from the restroom without stopping at the food vendors with high calorie goodies?

Over the top

Women of Faith – August 2011 – Dallas – Part I

A few weeks ago an email appeared in my inbox. It was from BookSneeze. BookSneeze is a program of Thomas Nelson Publishing which provides free books that they publish to bloggers for free. It was an invitation to register for 2 tickets to a Women of Faith event. I rarely register for anything as I never win or it is some type of come on. However, I know a good deal about this organization and I knew it wasn’t a come on. But there was still the issue of never winning anything.

I have always wanted to attend this event, but in the past my travel schedule has usually interfered with the ability to do so. So I looked at the email for a couple of minutes, checked the schedule for the dates of the Dallas event. I had nothing scheduled, so I went for it.
Over the top

Managing Change

When I do a presentation on change I like to compare change we choose to change inflicted upon us.  If you choose to go buy yourself a new cell phone, it is likely that there will be no complaining.  You will embrace the new technology and learn to do new things.  In my presentation I talk about the resistance that many companies face when implementing change.  My example here is implementing a new agency management system.  The agency staff is busy doing what they do best, sell and service insurance, so many see having to learn and begin to use a new system as a big headache.  There are even obstacles encountered when a vendor makes a major change in a process within their system.  I had a narrow vision which limited me to thinking of only two types of change.  But in the last year my vision of the types of change has been widened.