Instant Inspirations

A couple of Friday mornings a month I make the trip to the closest Central Market. It is about twice as far as my regular super market and there are things you just can’t buy here. Things like Pork N’ Beans for example. But I love this place. The selections of fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats, seafood, and specialty items abound. I primarily go here as it is the only place I can buy Bison meat, which we have grown to prefer over beef. However, I always find many more things than are on my list.

On this particular Friday morning the only thing I need from the produce department is mushrooms. However, while getting my plastic bag for the mushrooms I see fresh okra out of the corner of my eyes. WooHoo!!! It is way past fresh okra season so this is a pleasant surprise.

While I am putting okra in my plastic bag my mind is immediately busy deciding what we are having with it for dinner. I had left the house mulling over the “what to have for dinner” question and I was coming up totally blank. Oh wow, fresh okra! I need blackeyed peas. The freezer case of fresh frozen beans hand none. But there were cream peas. Okay, we’ll give these a try. Make meatloaf and cornbread and you will have a great meal.

It has been cold and rainy for two days and this will fit the bill.

So how many of us use an instant inspiration? Do we think through how to use something we find unexpectedly; or do we just jump off and do something in haste because it is new and different. Inspiration is a great tool. It is what you do with it that matters.

Oh and by the way, the meal was really good and perfect for a cold, rainy, dreary night.

What do you do with inspiration?