Bonding Thanks to Laptop

Our great niece was all about showing us here stuff until Uncle Gene took out his laptop. They spent an hour, him teaching her to do jigsaw puzzles and her asking all sorts of questions.

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Don’t Let The Sunshine Fool You

Someone left the sprinklers on last night. Ice on trees and grass here.
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Pressgram Makes My Day

This definitely make you feel better about yourself. Notice “You Rock” at the arrow.

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What Does The Week Ahead Hold?


Horoscope 09.22.13



My horoscope in today’s paper. It peaks my interest in the possibilities.

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Brand Camp 2013

Last year we learned about anatomy. Come see what we will learn this year.

The Adventure of GPS Failure

I rely on my GPS to get me to where I am going when on-the-road. Last week my husband and I were in the Baltimore area. We had been out and about and really only had one incident where I took the wrong turn, which put us in downtown DC instead a road around. However, on our last day the GPS lead us on an adventure.

My Website Has Not Been Hacked

Last week I was writing documentation for a client in order to train someone to edit and post their blogs.  I was using my blog for capturing print screens for the documentation. In order to do that properly one must create a blog.

The very last print screen I did was “How to Schedule a Post”. Then I moved on to complete the documentation. I did not return to my blog to delete the sample blog that I had been using.

Thus on Friday, May 17, 2013, a blog titled “Experiment” posted. If you are a subscriber that blog showed up in your RSS feed or email based on your preference. A few people have responded to me with concern that my blog has been hacked and even a ? Mark.

I apologize for this oversight on my part and for your receiving a meaningless post in your emails and feeds. Maybe it is time that I create a learning site?

Have a great week. Thank you for subscribing to my blog.

Insurance Agency Technology – The Basics I

This is the 1st post in a series that will be Titled “Insurance Agency Technology”. Last week I posted “Warning! I’ll Be Stepping on Some Toes, Even Mine”. In order to add new technologies it is necessary that what you already have is implemented and being used properly and to its fullest potential.

Is your equipment up-to-date? Are your programs up-to-date? Have changes to programs been reviewed, defined and implemented? Are there missing pieces?

Missing Puzzle pieces

Warning! I’ll Be Stepping on Some Toes, Even Mine.

This past week I attended the Spring ACT meeting. Following that I have been following the tweets from the AAMGA Automation & Technology Conference. It seems the discussions at each are similar. The ACT meeting’s primary focus is on the retail insurance agents. AAMGA is focused on the wholesale broker market.

My comments in this and following articles are not meant to be critical of either of these organizations. They are directed to those in the industry that are not adopting these technologies. Most of these issues have been discussed many times before, we have great workgroups and create wonderful reports and actions.

However, the agency force as a whole doesn’t seem to be moving forward as if these issues are important. Why?


How Good is that Lead You Bought?

Recently I received a “quote” on my homeowners from a direct seller. I hadn’t requested a quote, so this was clearly a direct mail solicitation. The problem is, it is not my home. It is our home and the “quote” was in my name only. In the State of Texas a deed for a home is in the name of both husband and wife, typically with the husband’s name being first.

Heap of computer paper