Millennial Survey

Networking GroupI am embarking on a study of what attract and keeps Gen-Xers and Millennials engaged in the insurance agency business.  As I look around insurance agencies that I visit I don’t see enough of the individuals in these groups.  When I do see them they are rarely engaged in the true business of insurance.  Those that are employed in agencies are usually in assistant roles.  This is a great starting place, but no clear career path seems to be defined in most agencies to ensure that these individuals continue to grow and move forward in the agency.

I get the impression in casual conversations with these groups that they are just biding their time until they search out something better in another profession.  I don’t believe that the independent agency system understands how to recruit or manage these groups of people.  However, the very existence of agencies depends on doing so.  Look for my full length article in the July 2008 edition of “The Anderson Agency Report”.  You may access the survey at Millennial Survey, my website or via the link in the article.  My request is that everyone in your agency 30 years of age and younger complete this survey.  There will be on-going information at this blog and in “The Anderson Agency Report” on the findings of the study.  I will also be looking at and discussing solutions to the issues that result from the study.