My Website Has Not Been Hacked

Last week I was writing documentation for a client in order to train someone to edit and post their blogs.  I was using my blog for capturing print screens for the documentation. In order to do that properly one must create a blog.

The very last print screen I did was “How to Schedule a Post”. Then I moved on to complete the documentation. I did not return to my blog to delete the sample blog that I had been using.

Thus on Friday, May 17, 2013, a blog titled “Experiment” posted. If you are a subscriber that blog showed up in your RSS feed or email based on your preference. A few people have responded to me with concern that my blog has been hacked and even a ? Mark.

I apologize for this oversight on my part and for your receiving a meaningless post in your emails and feeds. Maybe it is time that I create a learning site?

Have a great week. Thank you for subscribing to my blog.