Women of Faith – August 2011 – Dallas – Part I

A few weeks ago an email appeared in my inbox. It was from BookSneeze. BookSneeze is a program of Thomas Nelson Publishing which provides free books that they publish to bloggers for free. It was an invitation to register for 2 tickets to a Women of Faith event. I rarely register for anything as I never win or it is some type of come on. However, I know a good deal about this organization and I knew it wasn’t a come on. But there was still the issue of never winning anything.

I have always wanted to attend this event, but in the past my travel schedule has usually interfered with the ability to do so. So I looked at the email for a couple of minutes, checked the schedule for the dates of the Dallas event. I had nothing scheduled, so I went for it.
Over the top

Low and behold, the email has arrived saying I am a winner. WooHoo!!!

So you may be asking, who gets the other ticket. My step-daughter Nikki has always been the person in my plan for this. I don’t know anyone that will enjoy this more. Her life is very busy with her church, family and work. She rarely takes an opportunity to indulge herself. She has scheduled that Friday off, I have reserved us a room in a nice hotel close to the event and we are going to spend too glorious days with a whole bunch of wonderful people.

Part of the deal for winning the tickets is to blog about the experience. That is a small price to pay for such an opportunity. So watch for my posts during and after the event. Nikki and I are excited about time together and attending this event. Here is a video that shows what Women of Faith is about.

There are events around the country. Check them out and join in the adventure.