Great Business Travel

In the last two weeks I have had great business travel in two different cities.  These two cities are as different as any two cities can be.  Last week I spent 4 days in Albuquerque, NM.  I always feel so restored when I am in Albuquerque.  The pace of life is a bit slower, there are mountains, there is soothing music, beautiful sunsets and then there are the hot air balloons in the sky each day.  I started last weeks trip with a massage upon arrival in Albuquerque.  Then moved on to a really quite dinner and then back to my hotel.  It was so relaxing to begin my week in this way.  I was energized for the meetings and challenges that lay ahead.  The meetings for the week went well, there were other great dinners with friends and a girl’s shopping trip on Wednesday evening.  I returned home on Thursday evening less exhausted than usual and ready to spend the next few days completing documents for this client and preparing for the next.

However, Friday morning brought a phone call that propelled me into going to New York on the spur of the moment.  I don’t believe that I can go to New York too many times.  I love it for all the opposite reasons as Albuquerque.  I love the rush of the city, the many cultures, the many food options, the smells, the crowds, all of it.  I enjoy walking from my hotel to the office each day.  So I left on Sunday morning, arrived early afternoon, enjoyed a great lunch in Bryant Park’s open café and just enjoyed the afternoon in the park.  The weather was incredible.  Clear blue skys, 72 degrees.  My meetings went very well, enjoyed several great meals as some new places and some of my favorite places.  Now at the same time I was in New York, the United Nations was having their opening sessions.  On Tuesday, President Bush was speaking.  When the UN is in session, traffic is challenged to say the least.  So leaving on Tuesday afternoon was longer than expected.  So I was a little stressed about making my plane, but La Guardia was amazingly empty and quick moving.  Our plane left on time and arrived at 58 minutes early.  Our gate was available and there was a ground crew in place when we arrived at the gate.  I would like to mention here that our pilot and co-pilot were both women.  So my theory here is to find out which flights are piloted by women and my flying life will be better.

Being able to visit wonderful cities such as these is why I like doing work that involves travel.  These types of weeks are The Glamour of the Road.