LifeWork 2.0 – July 2009, Nashville, TN

My friends Steve Anderson, Karen Anderson and Sissi Haner had attended this seminar in the past. They each had spoken highly of the seminar and said if I had a chance I should attend. I have watched the available dates for about a year and always had a conflict. However, when July date was announced and it was available on my calendar, I registered immediately.


Oh my goodness. I was already on technology overload from HIGH-TECC 2009 just the week before. I am not sure what the term is for where I am now. But I have to say that anyone interested in social media, how to use social media in their business and how to maximize social media must attend this seminar.  Also, if you blog or have a website and want to be found and understand how all this works fit into this category as well.

Randy Elrod and Spence Smith provided us with well organized, useful information and left us wanting more. Randy and Spence have solid information and real life experiences that they share with the attendees. When you attend a LifeWork 2.0 Seminar you will learn about how social media is affecting and influencing our personal and work lives in today’s world. You will:

  • receive a large amount of information about how you should be connected on the web
  • how the web finds you and your blogs and or websites
  • why you should be blogging instead of having a static website
  • how to control your presence on the social web
  • how to use a number of tools to increase your presence on the web
  • and, much, much more

One of the number 1 things I got from this seminar is about protecting your name and brand.  I have been to to claim patalexander at many of these sites.  Your firm may not yet know how or if they are going to use a particular social media site, however, I think it is important that you claim your name to protect  your brand.  If you don’t someone else may.

It is important that you know what social networking is and how to use it before you throw your company into the fray.  You should use some social media  yourself, talk with those individuals in your agency that use social media and other agencies about their use of social media.  Read how it is being used in other industries.  There is a wealth of information.  Don’t just sit there, do something.