Why Would I use Twitter?

Last week I was privileged to be the facilitator for two sessions at the Big I of Nebraska’s first Technology Day.  In the afternoon session we discussed the potential errors and omissions issues that using social medial my pose and then we looked at the different social media resources.  When we were discussing Twitter.Com, a lady said the following:  I have read that the majority of tweets are meaningless, so why would my agency want to use them?


I agreed that a very large number of tweets were meaningless to the majority of the world.  First I sighted the success of the Dell Twitter program.  But that doesn’t exactly put it into perspective for an insurance agency.  As with any new tool a business is going to use, they need to understand the tool, what it does and how it can benefit the business.  Or maybe, more importantly, how it might benefit the agency’s clients.  So here are a few examples of how an agency might use Twitter.

  • Announce a new blog post.
  • Provide links to changes in laws that might affect the client, such as new rules applying to the use of cell phones.
  • Raise awareness to a civic event that needs support.
  • Announce promotions within the agency.
  • Announce special occasions within the agency, such as a wedding, birth, etc.

For this to be effective, you will need to let your clients and prospects know you have a Twitter account.  You might need to provide them with some education about how to sign up for Twitter and why your agency will be using this tool and what for.  This allows each client to decide for themselves if they want to follow your agency on Twitter or not.

Please share your Twitter success, ask your Twitter questions and let me have your feedback on social media issues you would like to hear about.

Happy Twittering!!!

  • Pat, companies and agencies really need to have a comprehensive e-business/e-marketing strategy. They need to assess the Why/Who/What/When/How/How Much aspects, determine a specific game plan, budget, and timeline and then get started. As I've been writing about… kind of like an exercise strategy. I hate to be too blunt, but IMHO, until they do that, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin – all this new Web 2.0 stuff – will only add to their already confused Web presences (generally speaking, of course). Myths are rampant.

  • Right on Target Pat! As I have told many people. Twitter has changed my life! It has helped me solidify my matra and my insurance agency brand. Feel free to follow my insurance/life tweets at http://www.twitter.com/nibbyp