You Never Know Who Is Watching and Listening

Agencies tell me that they don’t know what to blog about and who would be listening to them anyway. It is always interesting to me after I post a blog to watch for comments. Even when I ask an interesting question there are not always comments. Other times when I don’t expect a response, I receive several.

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Sunday evening my husband Gene and I changed our settings on each of our facebook accounts to Single. We are trying to resolve an issue we have with facebook not letting us show the individual to whom we are Married. So our thought was to change our status and then try again.

My comment to Gene as we made our changes was it would be interesting to see if anyone noticed and what the comments might be. The comments began almost instantaneously. Later in the evening there was a call from Gene‘s youngest daughter. Her daughter, our youngest granddaughter, was concerned that there was some real problem.

The comments continue this morning. People who have never commented on anything I have ever said or posted on facebook made comments. Now the subject of the change would be shocking to a lot of people. Thus comments were inevitable. So this shows that when you post or blog it should be meaningful. That does not mean it has to be shocking. You don’t need to be a professional writer to spark interest. I am far from a professional writer. What I have learned in posting on twitter, facebook and my blog is that my subject just needs to be meaningful.

I am learning about being clear. Making each blog an opening for a conversation instead of a monolog. And being passionate about the subject. I have found that it takes time to build a following, the same as it takes time to build a client base. You might be surprised by who is watching and listening.

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