My Love Affair with New York City

I first visited Manhattan in 1994. A little late to the party I know, but it was my first chance to get there. I was in love the moment we turned onto 5th Avenue. I am always ready to plan a trip to New York. By the time the plane is over Philadelphia, I am patting my foot impatiently on the floor wanting to know how soon we will be landing. Flying over the city and seeing the skyline from LaGuardia just makes me smile. So how do I feed my need when I am not there?


I will watch anything program about New York. I will read any book about New York. I take The New Yorker magazine on my Kindle. From time-to-time I take the The New York Times on my Kindle. Several years ago on Sunday Morning one of their reporters did a piece on Manhattan Unfurled by Matteo Pericoli. It was close to Christmas and it was the only thing I requested.


I visit this book frequently so I can remember exactly what the skyline looks like.

Last Sunday morning Charles Osgood did a piece on Mattio’s newest book, The City Out My Window.


I ordered it that day. It arrived just a few days later. I have read and re-read several of the entries with each window over the past three evenings. Such great insight into what people see out their windows and what the views mean to them. I am sure I will visit this book as often as I visit other materials on New York. And yes, I have these books in hard cover. That is how they are meant to be consumed. All books are not meant to be in electronic form. A Love Affair must be fed.

What place in the world fires your imagination? What books, publications or other resources provide you with insight to this place?

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  • Just to clarify here, I didn't move from New York to Dallas. I haven't ever lived in New York or Dallas. I do love visiting New York and I love the books discussed in this blog. I live in North Richland Hills, TX which is a suburb of Fort Worth, not Dallas.

    • Stephen

      Sorry about that, we've corrected our entry. Next time we'll clarify with you if we link to your posts.