Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Agency's 'Home Base' – Insurance Journal – March 2010

In January this year I had the privilege of presenting “Turning Social Media Into Social Business” as a breakout session at the Independent Insurance Agents of TexasJoe Vincent Seminar. This was one of three breakout sessions in the last time slot of the day. The session was almost full. I was amazed as there were other sessions offering CE credits and each had great speakers. It seems there was plenty of interest in the session at hand. The questions were plentiful and engaging.

The following is the opening of this session as reported by the Insurance Journal‘s Stephanie K. Jones.

One of the primary reasons why insurance agents don’t jump into the world of social media — such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the myriad other Web-based avenues for reaching out to the world at large — is that they are unsure how to go about it, according to a Texas-based agency consultant, coach and mentor who said there’s a lot of resistance to using such tools in the agency universe.

The link will take you to the Insurance Journal article written by Stephanie K. Jones Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Agency’s ‘Home Base’

Thank you Stephanie for a great article.