I Am a High School Basketball Player!!!

I have written before about the use of Google Alerts.  When you have a common name like Pat Alexander, you daily alerts may be about you, or a myriad of other people.  I wrote previously about my name appearing in an obituary.  Also, I frequently have alerts about Pat Alexander, Author.  There are others named Pat Alexander that twitter or appear in other articles on the web.

However, the past few weeks I have found that I have a new Pat Alexander in my alerts frequently.


So when this alert appeared yesterday I thought it was time I check out this Pat Alexander.  This Pat Alexander seems to be an overachiever as anyone with this name should be.  This is the 2nd or 3rd alert I have received where he has been the top scorer on this team.  So to check out my new career go to:

S-O improves to 4-5 with Spirit Lake win

You should set up at least one google alert on your name just to see what other people with your name are up to.  It might also be beneficial to set up a google alert on  your company.  What is being said about your company?  You might also want to set up alerts about your competitors.  What are they up to and what are people saying about them?  Do you use google alerts?  If so, how?  What do you find important about this tool?