Do You Need A Business Renovation?

Amber Naslund wrote a great post “The Painstaking Work of Business Renovation” at her blog BRASS TACK thinking. As I read this article I recognized everyone of my clients and prospects. Also, it doesn’t really matter what part of your current business processes or contemplated business process you are talking about, there are issues.

Woman construction worker

I find that the subject of changing/updating current process puts a look of terror on many faces. The subject of new processes such as adding a true web presence and social media to the mix actually paralyzes. Today I would like to share some experiences where the agency was not reluctant and how they handled their business renovations.

Agency I

This agency had implemented a new agency management system and a new document management system. One day during our meetings on process re-design it was explained by one of the staff that even though you could see the documents attached in the document management system, those documents could not be sent to anyone via the delivery process in the agency management system.

She proceeded to explain the intricate process that had to be used to be sure the agency management system was documented correctly and still deliver the document(s) to the insurance carrier or client. This was a “game changer”.

All meeting for the remainder of the day with other committees were cancelled. The document management team rolled up their sleeves and we set about re-thinking and implementing new processes to make the work more sensible and efficient.

Agency II

This agency was about 3 months into a process re-design project. The COO came to me and asked if we could talk about what areas we were addressing. He said I know we have included the major areas of what an agency does such as certificates, endorsements, renewals, etc. However, we have processes we need help with, such as how are service center phone calls handled, how the mail is distributed, how is a document handled when it walks in the front door with a client or producer.

So we made a list of exactly what additional areas needed to be evaluated and re-designed. We took our list and figured out how to work this into the overall project. We ended up tearing every process in the agency apart and putting it back together.

This agency has a plan in place which keeps them evaluating processes and updating where needed. Since I completed my project with them I know that they took on the project of the “email zero in box”.

As I have said many times before, re engineering business process is not a once & done project. It is a continual evolution. The world around you is moving at warp speed. You must be thinking and working in an investigative mode to determine what needs to be looked at next.

What are your success stories? What are your questions about how to get started?