I’ve Opted Out of Klout

Saturday evening I was working my way through the various articles in my iPad App – Zite. I really like the way I can see a snapshot of the article and choose which ones to read and which to skip or know I have read elsewhere. In my social media section “Why I Deleted My Klout Profile“. Just last week I saw a post on Twitter where another social media guru said that they had just deleted their Klout profile so this article really caught my attention. If the social media gurus are opting out there must be something here.

Now you might be wondering as a public person with a blog, twitter account, personal and business facebook pages, etc, etc, etc. why would she be worried about Klout.

Pat Alexander

The privacy issues Pam Moore outlines in her post really made it clear to me I didn’t want to participate in this product. My biggest concern in this area is the privacy of those people I interact with on Facebook. I have a number of friends that are minors. They and their parents trust the people that they are friends with on Facebook to remember this and treat their posts and information in a more protected way than we might with the more social media savvy adults using Twitter.

I can’t explain it any better than Pam did in her post, so I encourage you to read her article and take the action that is appropriate for you.