Change With A Positive Attitude

This past week was my 1st visit to a new client. Over the past few years agencies in small towns have taken a real beating.

  • Shrinking businesses in their town and surrounding area = less clients and prospects.
  • Businesses and families struggling to make ends meet. Insurance needs my come last and be bare bones.
  • Insurance carriers cutting agencies that can’t meet production standards.
  • The continuing soft market.
  • Difficulty finding qualified employees.

Frequently I often find everyone from the owner to the receptionist depressed or pessimistic or both.

So how does an agency remain above the fray, survive, thrive and keep up that positive, optimistic attitude?

Never Give Up

I can usually tell within a few minutes of entering an office if there is a positive vibe or not. I always really happy when it is positive. It is such a struggle to work with a firm that doesn’t have this. So I was very pleased to find that everyone seemed to be happy or even excited that I was there.

This agency as most agencies has their challenges. But this agency really knows most of their challenges and are rolling out a plan to address and eliminate those challenges. Everyone I met with has an upbeat attitude and in addition to talking about problems also put forth some great ideas and solutions. This group is truly a team.

Our plate is overflowing as we move forward over the next few months. They have more than one initiative going on simultaneously. We had really honest discussions about the time needed to work through each of this initiatives and the time commitment required. There were a few deep breaths but the response was “We trust you to keep us on track and moving forward”.

Oh my! I rarely work with a firm with this much commitment. Their great positive attitudes will serve them greatly in getting through many changes throughout this year.

What is the culture in your agency? How can it be improved or is everyone on the same positive wavelength?


  • Pat,

    I’m sure it was your knowledge, experience and professionalism that blew the wind of confidence through that office…

    Good luck to you and to your new client.

    Ryan H.

    • Thanks Ryan, but I give a great deal of credit to the owners and manger of this agency. It has been awhile since I have been involved with an agency with such a positive attitude and so much caring for each other.