Moving to MacBook Pro

I have been thinking about a new laptop for awhile. My current one is 4 years old and giving me a good deal of grief. When we visited with our granddaughter in September she had acquired a MacBook Pro. She is studying graphic arts and the classes require that she use Mac software. I enjoyed using her MacBook and added this to my list of considerations. I have spent a great deal of time researching what I want. I am tied to a windows computer in order to work with certain programs used by my clients. So who says I can’t have two laptops? Here she is all dressed up and ready for the party(ies).



Most people consider a change in technology as difficult. When I have mentioned to some of my friends and business associates, my thought of getting a Mac they have just rolled their eyes. However, there are others that think it is an awesome idea. So a few days ago I took the plunge. It arrived Friday while I was at a meeting in Dallas. When I arrived home there was other mail and packages waiting for me on the kitchen table. One of them was the new skin I purchased for the laptop. Check out skins at My comment was, “all the parts are going to arrive before the laptop”. Some other parts and software had arrived earlier in the week. My husband laughed about it and we went to dinner.

We went to dinner. When we returned and I was through opening all of the mail and packages on the kitchen table, he went to the dining room and brought in the box containing the MacBook. He said he was afraid I wouldn’t want to go to dinner if he let me know it had come earlier than expected. He knows what he is talking about. I just can’t wait to get my hands on new technology when it arrives in the house.

I no longer even know how many windows laptops and desktops I have setup. I usually schedule time in each day to spend time loading software, updating drivers and setting up preferences until a new machine is ready to go. I have probably spent a total of 4 hours learning and setting up the MacBook. I’m off and running. It is intuitive and just fun to use. Now lets see how productive I can be.

  • Way to go Pat! I am envious that you have a Mac. Keep us posted about how you like it and how Insurance friendly it can be!

    • I'm enjoying learning. I'm not sure it will be too useful in any work I do with agency management programs. But I plan to use it for everything else. But if I find systems that do embrace the Mac I will let everyone know.

  • My buddy at film school has a MacBook Pro and he loves it. He uses it for video editing–apparently Macs are the norm for film schoolers these days.