Joining the Touch Screen Generation

As I continue to expand my work with insurance agencies further into the social media world, it became clear to me that I needed some sort of touch screen device. One cannot be clear on the why, how, when, etc. unless one is able to fully engage and experience.  I also believe that it is important to be able to show people what you are talking about and great examples of good use of technology.


Me and My Mac – TAAR January 2010

In this article I relate how I evaluated the type of new laptop I chose and how that relates to evaluating your technology needs in your agency.  In looking back to what I said in the article there is only one item that I no longer agree with.  I said I really like the blogging software better than what I was using before.

A few weeks ago I helped an agency set up Microsoft Windows Live Writer for their blogging.  This is the software I was using when I changed to my Mac.  After testing 4 different Mac blogging software I am going back to the Windows Live Writer software.

I am enjoying the best of both worlds.


Moving to MacBook Pro

I have been thinking about a new laptop for awhile. My current one is 4 years old and giving me a good deal of grief. When we visited with our granddaughter in September she had acquired a MacBook Pro. She is studying graphic arts and the classes require that she use Mac software. I enjoyed using her MacBook and added this to my list of considerations. I have spent a great deal of time researching what I want. I am tied to a windows computer in order to work with certain programs used by my clients. So who says I can’t have two laptops? Here she is all dressed up and ready for the party(ies).