YES – Your Agency Needs an APP

You might have been slow to get a client friendly, interactive website. You may not even be there yet. You might have been slow to get into social media. And, again you may not even be there yet. However, you DO NOT want to be slow to get an APP for your agency. Let’s discuss why this is so important to you, your brand and your agency.

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There has been  much made the past several years about the importance of your agency’s website. Most say this is what it needs to do:

  • Be user friendly.
  • Be user interactive.
  • Provide important information for your clients and prospects.
  • Drive your clients to your site, not the insurance carrier’s site.
  • Keep it fresh to keep your clients coming back.

All of this is still important because it will be the basis for your APP. So you are asking, if I have a great web presence why do I need an APP?

So let me ask you a question. Do more of the people you know have smart phones as opposed to cell phones? I suspect the answer is yes. I suspect that many of you have a smart phone yourself.

What drives a smart phone? The answer is APPS. Yes, I can get to your website by going to the internet function on my smart phone and if your website is configured to render well on my smart phone I can get some information. But I am no longer likely to do that. It is time consuming and I have to type in your website name.

I am more likely to click on an APP to get where I am going.

Most of your direct writer competitors have a client app. Some of these are limited to getting your auto ID card and filing a claim. Others will allow you to make a change to your auto and homeowners via the APP.  The key here is, They have their APP up and running and can enhance it as they are ready to proceed.

While you may prefer to get online on your computer to get things done, or even take care of your insurance needs in person, but for many that is not the case today. And those of your clients that prefer to access information via APPS grows every day. The youngest generation is learning quickly from their parents the value of APPS in their busy daily lives.

Here are some things that I have seen early adopting independent insurance agencies have in their APPS.

  • How to report a claim.
  • Request an endorsement – form on their website accessed via APP.
  • Make an online payment – list of insurance carriers with link to payment function – again at agent’s website accessed via APP.
  • Access to client login screen for agencies that have client portals.
  • Access to EZLynx rating.
  • Map to your office.
  • Your agency’s contact information.

There are so many possibilities. You think of them, they can be added to the app. Yes, it is affordable. I think it is a critical agency investment in your future and superior customer service.

See SehMobile for pricing, sign up and creating your app(s). Enter PROMO Code PAT1 for a 10% discount on the licensing fee. PROMO Code is case sensitive. The great people at SehMobile will be glad to answer your questions or you may also contact me.

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